Best Grill Brush for cleaning your BBQ

I can’t point out enough the importance of keeping a grill brush clean. Aside from the (obvious) sanitary reason, a clean brush will clean your grill more effectively than a dirty one.The best time to clean a brush is right after using it. Otherwise, the dirt will get hard and it will be much harder to clean.

I remember when I first bought my own grill and brush – I was young and naive and had no idea how to run a home. Of course I cleaned the grill right after using, and did just that every time I’m done with it. My mistake was that I didn’t clean the brush too, and had to throw it away after using it like fifteen times. Some people swear that washing the brush under cold, running water will suffice. It might, at least when it’s still new. Keep on doing that and you’ll have to throw it away after a couple of uses.

I highly suggest alternatively washing the brush under warm, running water and soaking it in a bucket of warm, soapy water every after use. That way, the brush gets cleaned thoroughly even before the gunk gets a chance to cling into the bristles. You’d also want to dip the brush in water before cleaning a warm grill. That way, you create a steam which softens the dirt. Because it’s easier for the brush to take the dirt off, the bristles work less and you get to use the brush longer.

Watch this video on how to clean a grill thoroughly:


You read that right, it’s best to clean the grill while it’s hot. I do this all the time and a friend saw me once and asked “aren’t you worried your hand’s going to get burnt?”. Well, this is exactly why I always choose brushes with long handles. If the handle’s at least 18 inches long then I don’t have to worry about the heat. Got any tips? If you do, I’d love to hear about them! Drop it in the comments section below! 🙂

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