Weber 61004001 Genesis II LX S-340 Liquid Propane Grill Review


The Genesis II LX E-340 is ideal for a family mealtime or entertaining your buddies. This 3-Burner gas grill is equipped with everything you need, from the comfort of your backyard garden. Whilst the GS4 grilling system works magic under the lid. Open up the grill cabinet to find your essential grilling equipment, while you start to consider an indoor stovetop an appliance of the past.

Weber 61004001 Genesis II LX S-340 Liquid Propane Grill Review


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Weber 61004001 Genesis II LX S-340 Liquid Propane Grill Features

3 stainless-steel burners with 43,500 BTUs offer greatest heat distribution, ensuring food items grills evenly and consistently anywhere on the cooking grate, use the 12,000 BTU side burner to simmer your specially crafted BBQ sauce while the main course grills underneath the lid.

Top quality stainless steel cooking grates are long lasting and designed to last, the classic Weber flavorizer bars are angled just right to catch drippings that smoke and sizzle, adding that irresistible smoky flavor we all recognize and love to your food
669 sq. in. of total cooking area provides plenty of grilling area; 513 sq. in. of primary cooking area and 156 sq. in. of warming rack space.

weber genesis ii lx s340
Infinity ignition is ensured to ignite every time, an internal switch on each burner control ensures that by turning the knob, the gas will ignite and start each burner with ease.
Center mounted thermometer will keep track of the internal temperature of the grill, the grease supervision system helps with the removal of grease while lowering the risk of flare-ups; drippings that are not vaporized by the flavorizer bars are funneled away from the burners into the disposable drip tray, positioned within the catch pan underneath the cookbox
WEBER 61004001 GENESIS II LX S-340The easy-to-read LED energy gauge lets you see how much energy is remaining in the tank at all times(LP models only)
Control knobs light up with a push of a button for optimal control while night-time grilling, powerful LED handle lights illuminate the entire cooking area of the grill while grilling at night.
iGrill Bluetooth digital temperature gauge monitor’s food items from start to finish, exhibiting the real-time temperature on your mobile system (sold separately)





Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Liquid Propane Grill Review

I’ve been using this grill for the past month and it’s the best I’ve ever had. For now here is a short review of the Weber S-340. I will update this review with more information in few weeks time.

This grill came with very minimal assembly needed, unlike a few bbq grills we have bought in the past. The burners light up quickly and easily. The controls can be lit up, so it’s much easier for evening hours use. The temperatures gauge appears very precise. The propane gauge is especially helpful. It’s no fun to be cooking and suddenly you’re out of gas. I am currently the envy of my neighborhood friends and family! It is a very great looking grill, and I have no doubt that it will last a very long time.

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Distributes Heat Evenly
Easy to Assemble
Easy to Clean
Large Cooking Space
Superior Craftsmanship

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