Grilled Corn With Chili Lime Butter

Grilled Corn With Chili Lime ButterGrilled Corn With Chili Lime Butter

For decades I’ve been grilling my corn husk and all. While it’s delicious, I’ve discovered an even better way of grilling my corn. I remove the husk, remove the silk and then I rub it with some fresh butter, salt and pepper and I wrap it up nicely in foil. The foil gives the right balance of protection and heat and serves it up just perfect. Some of the corn is lightly charred as I like and it’s delicious just off the grill.

It’s ideal just off the grill when I prepare it like this however, I like some zest to my grilled corn. I slater more butter on it and I mix in some chili powder, lime zest, cayenne and some of the lime juice. Talk about an entirely new taste sensation. The sweet corn keeps the spice in check and the flavors meld together to create the most flavorful taste sensation ever. It’s ideally balanced and I’ll continue to use this recipe for decades to come.


Here is the recipe:

6 ears of corn, husked and de silked
1 stick of butter at room temp. You’ll also need 3 more Tablespoons of butter
2 teaspoons of chili powder
1/4 teaspoon of cayenne
1 lime
zest your lime and juice 1/2 of the lime
kosher salt to taste
Fresh ground black pepper
Lime wedges (used when serving)

Direct fire on the grill. Set your grill heat to high.

1. Whisk together 1 stick butter, cayenne, chili powder, lime zest, lime juice and pepper in a small bowl. Set aside.

2. Butter your corn lightly with remaining 3 Tablespoons of butter and season the corn with your kosher salt. You may also add your pepper if desired. Wrap each ear in its own piece of aluminum foil.

3. Grill using one chimney of charcoal. When the charcoal is lit and turns gray pour it out and spread the coals evenly over the grate. Clean your grate if it’s not already clean. Oil the grate and place your corn (wrapped in the foil) on the grill. Cook until tender and just charred. This will take approximately 20 minutes. Turn it 4 times while it’s cooking.

Allow it to cool about 5 minutes.

4. Open the foil and slather it with your prepared chili lime butter mixture and serve with the wedges of lime.

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