Gas Vs Charcoal grill

Gas Vs Charcoal GrillGas Vs Charcoal Grill- Which is Better?

It is time to buy a new BBQ, but something is nagging you. It is a feeling that maybe you need to re-evaluate an age-old question of whether to choose a gas BBQ or charcoal BBQ. Let’s review both the disadvantages and advantages to help you make a clear decision.

The Pros Of Gas BBQs

Gas is quick to heat up, just by pushing a button. This is a great option for families in a rush to get dinner on the table .It also serves you well as a party host if your guests will be staggered in their arrival. It also helps the one late guest get a hot meal, instead of floppy 6-hour-old hotdogs.

Gas allows for a constant and consistent heat. It is easy-clean because there is no ashes nor charcoal to dust up at the end of the cooking process.

The Pros Of The Charcoal BBQ

The Charcoal BBQ is quick and easy to setup because they come packaged in just three to five big parts. Gas BBQs are more difficult and time-consuming to assemble because they have many tiny parts.

Fans of the charcoal grill stand firmly on the flavor platform, claiming charcoal makes chicken and steaks more flavorful in particular. Hot dogs and hamburgers are generally accepted for being equally as flavorful cooked with gas or charcoal.

The flame stays pretty low and is centered around the charcoal. That means it is safer to use than a gas grill, which has flames that are known to jump many feet into the air, unexpectedly.

Is There A Difference In The Cost?

Charcoal grills are available very inexpensively. It carries an ongoing cost throughout the lifetime of the product, though. You will have to continue buying charcoal.

Gas grills do require a greater outlay up front, though are generally more stylish and visually appealing. Some will come with added gadgets, such as a side burner or a rotisserie. The lifetime ownership cost is that you will have to continually buy gas.

So, Is It Charcoal Grill Or Gas Grill?

It depends upon the personal preference. Some people may switch back and forth without a problem. They may change up what they choose based upon their living dynamics. If they move from a small apartment where they could only fit a charcoal grill to a house with a big yard, they might splurge for a gas grill.

Other people have a more discerning sense of taste or just prefer using one cooking method over the other. That’s the breakdown of charcoal vs. gas. I sure hope this helps you decide.

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