Choosing the Best Charcoal Grill to Buy

Best Charcoal GrillChoosing the Best Charcoal Grill to Buy

One of the most significant aspects of choosing which charcoal grill to buy is to have a clear idea of what you need. There is a great difference between the type of grill that will simply help you cook a few chops, and prepare a few simple meals, and those that can assist with barbecue ribs, for example.

There are, of course, other numerous things that need to be considered as you will see in various charcoal grill reviews, since, most of the time, the performance of a grill and, thus, the question quest for finding the best charcoal grill out there depends on even the smallest details. Some of the more meaningful considerations that an informed buyer will always keep in mind are presented as follows:

  • The quality and features of each grill are very essential. These include airflow control, easy access and maintenance or the ability to cook both at higher and lower temperature levels.
  • The complexity and type of the grill, as well as the measurements of the cooking area, both attest to its ability of producing the best results in less time.
  • Durability is also a key issue since you certainly want your grill to be sturdy, and last for a long time without causing any problem.
  • Last, but not least, you may need an assurance that the price is within your budget without sacrificing its quality.

There are a variety of ways in which you can keep track of all these aspects, and many more details that can help you make a valid reason for your choice. With the help of our charcoal grill reviews you will have sufficient information about the type of grill that is best suited to your taste.

Weber Performer charcoal grill Review

Weber Performer charcoal grill review

If you want to get closer to the traditional way of grilling, the Weber Performer charcoal grill is quite possibly one of the best choices you can have. According to many grilling enthusiasts, the Weber brand has produced numerous quality models over the years, and this particular unit has managed to impress many happy customers, getting high ratings on most review sites.

Advanced Performance with Gas Ignition

One of its most popular features is its Touch-N Go gas ignition system. Now, at first it may be somewhat confusing if you aren’t used to this type of system, but the advantages are quite conclusive. First of all, it is much easier to light the coals more evenly, which is not the same when using chimney starters.
At the same time, with the help of this feature, the Weber Performer charcoal grill also provides a very easy time to achieve the proper temperature for any of your cooking tasks, and to light already used coals with just a press of a button.



Quality and Durability

The quality of the construction is another notable positive feature that will impress you. The Weber Performer grill is solidly built, so that it will withstand the test of time, and the design is also quite ingenious, being focused toward offering convenience and comfort for cooking tasks.
For example, the tabletop area eliminates the need of having additional tables around when using the grill, and the lid thermometer makes it easy to cook all your steaks and ribs at just the right heat. Also, the storage area can be very useful for keeping your charcoal close, or even storing tools and other items you might require.
Quick Assembly
The entire assembly process of the Weber Performer charcoal grill will generally last less than half an hour. All you need is a screwdriver, a small wrench and a hammer. You will find the instructions to be quite clear and straightforward, so you will not have any problem in finding and putting all the parts together, especially since almost all of them are neatly and carefully packed.

Weber Performer Features and Specifications

While the Touch-N-Go gas ignition system is perhaps the most notable feature of the Weber Performer charcoal grill, the charcoal storage container and the two fuel holders are also quite important for the easy functionality of the grill.

The total cooking area is about 363 square-inches, which is pretty decent when compared to other models.
The Weber Performer measures 28.5 x 50.25 x 40 inches. This is a relatively good size, as you will not have too many manageability problems.
Additional useful features include a lid-mounted thermometer which is considered to be quite accurate and a rolling steel frame cart to make the grill easy to move.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Those who have purchased the Weber Performer charcoal grill are generally satisfied by most of its features. Many of them are already well-acquainted with the quality of Weber products, and have stated that this grill is actually better in many regards than past models. The quality of its construction and the versatile features such as the gas ignition system or the integrated charcoal storage bin are some of the favorites among reviewers.
You will find some criticism, as well – for example, regarding the slightly higher price or the non-hinged cooking grate. Generally, however, the dozens of 5 star ratings on review sites can often speak for themselves regarding reviewers’ opinions. Read more here: Weber Performer grill : Click here to read customer reviews!


Pros and Cons

The most notable advantages of the Weber Performer charcoal grill are as follows:
The unit is perfect for cooking beef, poultry, pork, or even vegetables. Also, you can reduce the heat, and cook the most delicious pork ribs at the perfect temperature.
The Weber Performer grill can work with temperatures of over 600 F degrees, which makes it quite powerful, and allows you to finish your cooking in practically no time.
The large work surface provides room for tools, extra charcoal, wood, and anything else you might need.
With the integrated charcoal storage bin, you can keep your charcoal dry and safe.
Here are a couple of the disadvantages of the Weber Performer charcoal grill, as well:
While the ignition system is quite useful, it is also slightly old fashioned compared to other gas ignitions, as it does not have a battery based system that you can find in more modern grills.
Also, the lid holder doesn’t allow for easy access to the charcoal baskets, as it keeps the lid too close to the grill.


Although it is generally considered that the Weber Performer is slightly more costly than other Weber products, its advantages cannot be denied, as the extra features and convenient design makes the additional investment worthwhile. We have found that the Weber Performer charcoal grill is available at a surprisingly low price at, though, so you can in fact enjoy this exceptional grill without needing to worry too much about money problems.

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