Weber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill Review

Weber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill ReviewWeber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill Review

This is a pretty efficient grill. It has two stainless-steel burners with an input of 21,700 BTU-per-hour. One thing that is unique about this grill is the ability to do “indirect cooking” which allows you to cook things like small chickens or anything you want to cook without having the heat directly over the item/s you are cooking. There is an outer burner (like a ring) and an inner burner. So you have several options as to how to cook. 

The grill comes with a 20 lb. hose and regulator. The tank is not included (you buy this separately).

Weber Q 320 Outdoor  Gas Grill Size and Dimensions

For the primary cooking area you have a total of 393 square inches. If you add the 69 square inch warming rack it adds up to a total 462 square inches.


With the lid open: Height: 55.5 inches

Width R-L: 50.2 inches

Depth: 30 inches

Shipping Weight (in pounds): 85.05

Basically you can cook up to 18 burgers, 36 hot dogs, or 2 whole chickens at a time with the Weber Q 320 Grill.


Weber Q 320 Portable  Grill Clean Up

This is something I like to look at. I like gas grills because they save me time and still can have a pretty awesome flavor. So not having to spend much time on cleanup is a big factor. This grill is very easy to clean up.


Other Features of the Weber Q 320 Grill

The Weber Q 320 portable gas grill has an electronic ignition (an improvement from the Weber Q 300 portable gas grill), “infinite-control” burner valves and a high quality regulator that along with the thermometer make it a breeze to control the preciseWeber 586002 Q 320 Portable 393-Square-Inch 21700-BTU Liquid-Propane Gas Grill (Older Model) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) heat for outstanding cooking.

A removable catch pan and a removable cast iron grill that has no wide open spaces for food to fall through makes cleanup a quick and easy chore. 

The grill heats up quickly (over 400 degrees in about 5 minutes).

You can choose to use one of both of the burners and as mentioned previously in the review, the design of these two burners allows you to do indirect cooking by using only the outer tube or cook a smaller amount by just using the inner tube.

The design is pretty slick with a screen to hide the propane tank and a collapsible shelf system that is both functional and elegant. 

Another nice feature is the ability to look at the grill from either end. Without needing to open the hood you can see inside the grill.

Speaking of visibility, at night no need to worry about having the proper light close to your grill since it comes with a handle light that when set on automatic turns on when the lid is lifted and gives you light right where you need it.

Weber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill Customer Reviews

What do actual consumers say about this grill? Here’s a summary of some of the comments on this grill. 

One consumer mentions that Amazon has the best price and you have free shipping. Hard to beat this deal. 

Most consumers were able to put the grill together in an hour or less with easy to follow instructions. 

Another customer mentions the advantage of the cast iron grill surface. It has no wide spaces for food to fall through. You can cook hotdogs in any direction and even 1/2 inch slices of vegetables.

“I’m not one for giving reviews, but I just had to write this. This grill is by far the best grill we have ever owned over the last 35 years of grilling!…(read more here: Weber Q 320 Gas Grill Review)”

“If you’re looking for your 1st grill, get the Q 320. If you’re looking for a replacement grill, get the Q 320…(read more here: Weber Q 320 Gas Grill Review)”

Weber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill Pros:

Very easy to assemble. 

Very well built. Reinforced strong rust free frame. There are portions where plastic is used for the legs and side tables. The combination of aluminum and plastic parts make it both a sturdy grill and a grill that should not have rust problems.

The cast iron grilling surface is easily removed for cleaning. 

Cool led light on the top that shuts off automatically when you close the lid. The light illuminates the entire grill surface very nicely.

Easy gas bottle installation

. The cleanup is also very easy according to several users. This grill 
heats up very fast. The 

Grates have the gaps filled right above the burner to prevent food falling on the burner

. Several customers mention how great customer service with Weber turned out to be for them.
 The way it is packaged when you order online is well done. There is a lot of cardboard and plastic to protect the parts of the grill. You don’t have to worry about getting broken parts.

Ok… this is not really necessary for me to include this but I had to for the sake of humor. One reviewer stated that he usually never writes reviews but he decided to because of what happened to his grill.

You won’t believe this. A bear came by and beat up the grill as he was going for the grease trap. Unbelievable! The grill survived this. Sorry, had to include this in my review. Just a funny true story from a reviewer at Amazon that shows how durable this grill is.

Weber Q 320 Portable Gas Grill Cons:

As I mentioned earlier, this is a hard grill to find cons to write about. In my previous two reviews on the Char Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill and on the Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill LXE I was able to find one or two consistent cons from consumers but with this grill it was hard to find any cons. One consumer said I don’t know how this grill can be improved.
 The parts made out of plastic could be a negative but it actually ends up being a positive because it won’t rust and once assembled the grill is extremely steady.

The main con I can find if I were buying this is the price (if I was on a tight budget). But then again it depends. It is very well priced for a Weber grill. There a gas grills that are way beyond this price. But if I were on a tight budget and needed to spend around $150 I would consider another good grill for a lower price. If I was able to spend more I would get this grill because of how long it will last. Several customers mentioned that they used to buy grills under two hundred dollars but they would last for two or three years before they started rusting. This grill should last quite a while.


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