Unusual Food to Grill

Unusual Food to GrillUnusual Foods From The Grill

Everybody loves a good grilled hamburger. In fact this is so true that many people are unaware of the many kinds of foods you can cook on the grill. The fact is, you can cook almost anything over an open fire. A few notable oddball examples include:

* Banana Splits
* French Toast
* Avocados
* Meatballs

In this article, we will discuss some of the unusual foods you can cook on the grill. Read on to learn more.

Creating Main Dishes On The Grill

You Can Grill Pizza!
Make or purchase pizza dough and brush it with olive oil. Put your raw pizza crust on the grill. Once it’s developed some grill marks, remove it from the heat and add your toppings to the grilled side.

Put your pizza back on the grill for a few minutes (2 or 3). Remove it when your toppings are done and your cheese is melted and bubbly.

Grill Some Clams!
Many people are nervous about grilling shellfish and other seafood, but there is really no need. You just have to be sure to clean your clams well first. Put them in a cold bucket of water and add some cornmeal to help extract any lingering sand. Once they’ve soaked the right amount of time, dry off the shells and brush them with olive oil. Put them on the grill on high heat for 2-3 minutes. When the shells open spontaneously, you will know they are ready to eat.

Oysters Are Great Grilled!

Oysters are a summertime favorite. You can grill them by placing them on your grill with the flat side up. Cook for five minutes. Like clams, the oyster shells will open spontaneously when they are ready to eat. Be certain the flesh is thoroughly hot before eating.

Add Lemon To Vegetable Kebabs!
You can add lemon quarters to your usual veggie kebabs along with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers and so on. When you grill the lemons, they become less sour and add a nice citrus flavor to your veggies.


You Can Make Tofu Burgers & “Steaks”!

Your vegetarian friends don’t have to feel left out when you grill hamburgers any more. Cut tofu into slices about half an inch thick and soak them in a good marinade. Allow the tofu to drain off excess marinade and put it on your grill. Grill each side for three to four minutes. You can serve your tofu slices as burgers on buns with all the “fixin’s” or as “steaks” with brown rice and salad.

Making Meatballs Is Like Making Burgers!

Just form your meatballs as usual and set them on the grill to cook (covered) for three or four minutes. Open the grill and turn or roll them and cook for another two or three minutes. Repeat this for a total of fifteen minutes or until the meatballs are thoroughly browned on all sides. These are great alone, on pasta or in a sub.


What else can be grilled!?


Yes, we ventured there. While avocados are great when applied to the face, they are also great grilled. Cut them in half (make sure to leave the skin on), remove the seed and drizzle with olive oil. Place the side you cut down on the grill and cook for 5-7 minutes. Serve with Greek yogurt and/or salsa and chips (or a spoon).

Bell Peppers

Whole Peppers. Use these instructions to create roasted peppers that are great as a side or an addition to an entree. Halve the pepper and remove the insides. Brush with olive oil so it does not stick to the grill and place skin side down. The skin will be perfectly charred in around 20 minutes. Remove from the grill, put it inside a sealed bowl in order to allow the steam to loosen all of the skin. At that point, remove the skin and enjoy.


Cooking bacon in the house can be a very messy task, so you should throw it on the grill. This will prevent it from sitting in a pool of fat, which is healthier, and there will be less mess. For perfectly done bacon, cook each piece on medium-high for 5-6 minutes per side. Put it on a burger, toss it into a salad, or eat it alone in a plate — we are not here to judge you.


Salad greens are good for us, but most people are more delighted by what you put on them. In order to change things up, try putting it on the grill. Wash and halve a head of romaine, then grill it for five minutes per side, or until there are grill marks present. Top with other veggies, or eat it alone with salad dressing.


To make a tastier, healthier version of the infamous burger sidekick, you can roast potato slices on a grill. Cut them into wedges, toss with oil and any seasoning you like, then grill for 10 minutes per side. Use sweet potato if you want to make it even healthier.


Halve them and coat with butter. Place the buttered side on the grill and cover. Grill for around four minutes per side until it is charred and soft. This is nothing short of perfection. Try adding a huge scoop of banana ice cream to the equation.


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