Best Portable Gas Grill for Camping

Best Portable Gas Grill for Camping


So you’re going camping and you want to have the perfect grill.  What is the best portable gas grill for camping?  I want to emphasize that I am especially talking about a portable gas grill in this post.  Now, I’ve read a few camping forums and some seem to feel that using a gas grill on your camping trip doesn’t seem to fit with real camping.  And that’s fine if you feel that way.  Hey, I grew up in Argentina and we do a lot of charcoal grilling (the best in the world) and if a “gaucho” saw my gas grill he would probably laugh.  But you gotta love how practical a gas grill can be at times.  And some cook really well I might add…

So here’s a couple of reasons you might want to have both types of grills for camping.  Sometimes charcoal grilling is banned (in Texas state parks at times it is, especially when there is a drought).  And secondly if the weather is not favorable it is handy to have a portable gas grill.  BTW, if you are looking at getting a charcoal grill I have reviewed the Weber 741001 Silver One-Touch 22-Inch Kettle Grill, Black.  Feel free to check it out if you are inclined towards a charcoal portable grill.
Let me also state the obvious by pointing out that there is a difference between a portable camping stove or oven and a portable grill.  Here I am writing specifically about what I consider to be the best portable grill.  There are some great camping stoves that are worth looking into.  However, with the grill that I will recommend, you don’t have to worry about getting both (unless you need to cook for a really large crowd) because you will be able to use use it both as a grill and for other things such as cooking bacon and pancakes.

You can use a portable gas grill for cooking those juicy burgers at night as you gaze at the beautiful starry night.  If you love to grill vegetables there are some really tasty options and recipes.  However, I don’t think most people think about using their camping grill for all three meals (ie you won’t be cooking bacon on a grill).  Ok… so this brings me to why I think the Coleman Portable Road Trip is the best option when choosing a portable gas grill for camping.
Now Weber in my opinion has some of the best gas grills available.  I would normally recommend a Weber because they are of such outstanding quality.  However, considering all of the factors I have to recommend this grill over some of the great options that Weber has to offer when it comes to portable gas grills.  If you’re main reason for buying this BBQ grill is for camping here’s why I would go with this one:

Coleman 9949-750 Road Trip Grill Lxe

–  I always pick a product that has at least four stars on Amazon (and more than 20 reviewers).  The Coleman Road Trip Grill definitely meets that standard.
-What I love about this grill is how it can stand on its own or collapse.  To me this is very convenient for travel.  Its wheels make it easy to move around.
–  This grill gets hot, really hot.  You don’t have to worry about it being too cold or windy.
– With the two accessories that you can add to this grill, you can cook all of your meals on this grill.  You can add a cast iron griddle and a stove grate if you wanted to.  You now have a camping stove as well as an awesome grill.  There are a couple of reviewers of this Coleman gas grill roadtrip lxe that commented on how they make breakfast consistently on this grill using the cast iron griddle.  The ability to interchange these accessories is probably its greatest selling point when considering a portable gas grill for camping.

There are some advantages of the Weber grills over this one if you are looking at what gas grill you should purchase for both your backyard and camping that you may want to look into.  I have a reviewed  a few Weber grills like the Weber Q 320 portable gas grill which is really superior if you are able to stretch the budget for it and want it for more than just camping.

However, I still think that the Coleman grill is a better choice for your camping experience because of its portability, its two 10,000 BTU burners and its interchangeable accessories that allow you for a more versatile outdoor cooking experience.
Click here to read the detailed review of the  Coleman Road Trip Gas Grill.

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